Now Google will alert in Android phone on earthquake!

To get information about the earthquake, people check the news channel or websites or Twitter, then go and learn about it. Well now Google is engaged in making a new preparation for Android users. Indeed, according to recently received information, Google is trying to add Earthquake warning tools for Android smartphone users. It is being told that it includes Samsung Galaxy series smartphones. Recently, according to a famous website, Google has said that, 'It is starting to work with the US Geological Survey to send Earthquake alerts to Android devices.' Apart from this, according to the information received, sending alerts will start from California. Simultaneously, alerts for phones from Android in California can be sent through ShakeAlert Earthquake Early Warning System.

In fact, recently Google said in a blog post, 'The risk of natural disasters is increasing rapidly around the world. In such a situation, we thought that the help of Android devices can be taken. In an earthquake-like situation, people can be sent a few seconds in advance to help them and their loved ones stay safe. Apart from this, the company said that 'Android phones can be converted into mini seismometers to detect the earthquake and send advanced signals to the alert system. Google said in a blog post that we are calling it Android Earthquake Alerting System. Along with this, the company has also said that, 'most smartphones come with small accelerometers that can sense earthquakes. Also, the company also said that even they are capable of detecting P-wave.

Which is the first wave after the earthquake starts and they are much less damaging than the subsequent S-wave. According to the information received, if the phone detects something that is considered an earthquake, then it will immediately start giving a signal to Google's Earthquake Detection Server. Apart from this, it will also send the location where earthquake-like symptoms are seen. After all this, the server will combine the information from the rest of the phones and try to understand 'Is there really an earthquake or not ...?' In this regard, Google has said that 'If you feel that there is an earthquake around you. So from now on, you will be able to see search results of earthquake or earthquake near me in Google search bar.

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