Google’s will never let you know all this regarding its pop ups
Google’s will never let you know all this regarding its pop ups

New Delhi:- Lots of apps and websites allow you to use your Google account to log in, rather than making a new account just for that service. It's useful to use this feature because it can help you keep track of and protect fewer accounts and passwords. But not everyone wants to do it either. However, Google continues to display pop-up messages asking you to use your Google account to sign into websites.

Until very recently, you had the ability to turn off the feature from your Google account, and I have already demonstrated how to prevent Google from creating those bothersome pop-ups requesting you to sign in. But because a BGR reader asked about it, I found out that Google secretly took away the feature. Luckily, you can still try a few things to stop the annoying pop-ups.

I turned off the option to sign in with Google on my Google accounts by going to the Settings menu of those accounts.

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But, there is an issue. Do you see the button that can be switched on and off. That whole part is not there on the Security tab, and I wouldn't have noticed it if someone hadn't told me.

  • Go to your Google account's page.

  • Find the Security tab and go down to the part about logging into different websites.

  • Click on the option that says Signing in with Google, where you can control how it works.

  • Stop the requests to log in to your Google Account.

  • It seems like Google intentionally took it away. And you can't find the setting anywhere else. And you cannot locate the setting elsewhere.

Google has a webpage that tells you how to sign in with Google and why it's a good idea to do so. It's not good that the support page doesn't explain how to stop the annoying pop-ups from happening again. This text only tells you how to stop using your Google account to sign in on websites or apps you are already using it for.

But those directions don't solve the main problem here, Google's bothersome pop-up windows. I already mentioned that using your Google account to sign into apps is a helpful feature because it can make you safer. But you can also log into applications using your Facebook or Apple account.

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Out of the three options, I would always pick Apple. That is because Google and Facebook watch and record everything that you do on the internet. Logging into websites and apps using your Google or Facebook account lets them gather more information about you.

Google is having a disagreement with Facebook and Apple, which is why the option to sign in has disappeared from the Google account settings page.

I rarely use Google accounts to sign in to websites or apps. I have Apple and make new accounts. I keep them safe with 1Password and/or Proton Pass. However, the annoying advertisements will continue to show up on the screen.

When I had the choice to sign in with Google, I disabled the annoying pop-ups on my Google accounts. I hope that my choices will still be honored.

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However, if you haven't disabled the option to sign in with Google, there are ways to prevent Google's pop-up windows from appearing.

As I mentioned before, there's another way to stop Google's annoying pop-ups without having to deal with your Google Account. All you need to do is stop pop-up ads and page redirects on any website you visit (picture shown above).

This is how it works in Chrome; I'll just use words from what I previously wrote:

Open up the browser's options, find where it talks about privacy and security, click on site settings, and look for the menu that talks about pop-ups and redirects. Here, you can choose to stop pop-up windows from appearing on any website.

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The issue here is that there could be websites that need to use pop-ups. And this option will prevent any of them from happening. You have the choice to allow certain websites or use a different browser to access them, but it might not be worth the effort.

If you are annoyed by the sign-in notifications from Google, you can easily remove them using the steps provided above.

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