Gori Nagori interrogates Shalin Bhanot after placing a ring on Tina Dutta's finger: Bigg Boss 16
Gori Nagori interrogates Shalin Bhanot after placing a ring on Tina Dutta's finger: Bigg Boss 16

On the 20th day of Bigg Boss, Tina Dutta was seen crying and Soundarya was seen comforting her. Shalin Bhanot claims Tina made fun of his feelings. Tina is informed by Bigg Boss in the confessional that her pet's condition has deteriorated to a critical level. She sobs and tells Shalin about this. They discuss their disagreements. Tina receives Shalin's ring on her finger. If she likes him, he asks her. The confessional is opened to Tina and Shalin.

They are told by Bigg Boss to stop talking about Tina's dog's health in the house because it is a delicate subject. She exits laughing after displaying Shalin's ring on the hand. Shalin discusses how she flipped with Sajid, Stan, and Stan. To get some rest, Archana requests that Soundarya and Gautam stop talking. Shalin expresses gratitude to Gori, Shiv, Stan, and Manya for their respect but swears allegiance to Tina.

When Soundarya realised Shalin was playing a double game, she stopped speaking to him in a proper manner, she tells Nimrit. The Bigg Boss then says that since they haven't amused him, they should come tell him gossip. First to speak, Manya warns that Soundarya might cause harm to Gautam and that sometimes even Sumbul harbours resentment toward Tina for her treatment of Shalin. Archana declares that she won't do the cooking, cleaning, or even the dishes. Gori mentions that Ankit and Priyanka like each other and that Shalin likes Tina but not him. Bigg Boss is informed by Sajid that Abdu likes Nimrit and is prepared to wed her. Gori inquiries about Tina's ring. Gori mentions that she has seen this ring elsewhere in addition to Tina, who responds that it is hers. Shalin admits to Bigg Boss that Tina seems to like him. Gori asks him where his ring is when he returns. He claims to have changed it. Gori departs by promising to respect their privacy. Bigg Boss is warned by Stan and Shiv that Tina will cause harm to Shalin. Soundarya kisses Gautam after he has flirted with her and leaves the room.

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