Deputy CM Dr Dinesh Sharma raging on bus politics
Deputy CM Dr Dinesh Sharma raging on bus politics

Between the lockdown and the corona transition, the politics of the Congress and the UP government is on a new stage for sending migrant workers and workers home with a thousand buses. Now the Yogi government and Rajasthan government have come face to face with the payment related to the buses that take the children caught in the Kota of Rajasthan to the UP border. The rounds of allegations have started. In this sequence, UP Deputy CM Dr Dinesh Sharma and Transport Minister Ashok Kataria retaliated by holding a press conference in Lucknow on Friday.

Deputy CM Dr Dinesh Sharma hit back at Congress General Secretary Priyanka Vadra and the Congress Government of Rajasthan, saying that the fare to release children trapped in Kota up to UP border is charging Rs 36 lakh and On the other hand, we show condolences that we have sent children to the UP border. Such a dual mentality does not suit the Congress. While answering the questions of Rajasthan Government Deputy CM Sachin Pilot on Friday, Deputy CM Dr Dinesh Sharma said that the Rajasthan Government had provided diesel for buses to bring back the children from Kota, in return for which on 5 May Only 19 lakh rupees were paid.

Further in his statement, Deputy CM Dr Dinesh Sharma said that we had sent 560 buses to bring back the competing children trapped in Kota to UP. We had estimated that there would be 10 to 12 thousand children, but there were more children than anticipated, due to which buses were taken from the Rajasthan government, for which diesel was paid immediately. The Rajasthan government sent a reminder for the fare of 94 buses. Congress is doing politics in the battle of Corona. He said that North Indians are being treated second-rate in Maharashtra. Worrying about where 27000 buses are located, not worrying there. Deputy CM said that we will give employment to the workers, will not allow them to become petitions.

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