Govt to set up Board for promotion of Vedic education

NEW DELHI: A new project to promote Vedic education throughout the country could be launched soon. The Union Education Ministry will recognise a Veda-based education board that will function similarly to other educational boards. The procedure would also include experts in Sanskrit language and mathematics.

Despite the fact that there is currently no degree-level course on Vedic education, the ministry is committed to equipping students with Vedic education and Veda-based information. Therefore, the government is considering linking the Vedic system with modern education, and the process of forming a dedicated education board has begun. A separate Vedic education board will be established under the National Education Policy (NEP) to ensure that the Vedic text remains relevant in modern culture.

According to Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan, a unique Vedic Education Board would be established to keep Vedic recitation relevant in modern society. The Vedas, according to the Education Ministry, are the foundation of Indian civilization.

The ministry said, the government has decided to build five Veda Vidyapeeths led by Maharishi Sandipani Pratishthan at the 'Char Dhams' and Kamakhya Devi's site in order to make the Vedas a matter of public practise with study. 

Ved Shankar Lal Chaturvedi, who has been connected with Veda Vidya said:  Veda education can play a critical role in advancing Indian traditional knowledge under the NEP. Veda education is not a religious subject, but it does contain the knowledge and science of leading a more fulfilling life.

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