GPS tags top track domestic violence abusers, France
GPS tags top track domestic violence abusers, France

The lockdown and the economic slowdown increases the domestic abuse worldwide. The government are thinking of ways to keep abusers away from the victims. French government is also thinking of fool-proof ways as the domestic abuse cases increased. The option given by the French judges is to  put electronic tracking ankle bracelets on the domestic violence abusers enabled with GPS tags and will track every moment of the wearer. 

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According to judges, the trackers will alarm the authorities once the abuser gets too close to the victims and triggers an alert to a private security firm which will warn the abuser to back off. If the abuser doesn't amend by the warning, the police will intervene and the abuser will be charged. But if the agencies collecting data did not utilize it for the real-time threat and warnings then the effectiveness of the bracelet amounts to zero. 

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US and Spain are already using the GPS trackers, UK and Australia have tried in pilot projects. About France, this is the first time such a rule has been implemented. On the other side, French President Emmanuel Macron announced of inclusive training for police officers and took resolution to create nearly 1,000 new places in the emergency shelters that will help the domestic violence victims.

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