'Green eyed' Afghan girl flees to Italy after Taliban occupation
'Green eyed' Afghan girl flees to Italy after Taliban occupation

Rome: The green-eyed girl from Afghanistan, who once appeared on the cover page of National Geographic and grabbed the world's attention, has now reached Italy. The Italian government has informed that many Afghans have been evacuated from the country after the Taliban's occupation, including the green-eyed girl 'Sharbat Gulla'.

It has been informed by the office that Sharbat Gulla had sought help from the Italian government after which she has been evacuated and efforts are being made to settle her in Italy. The picture of green-eyed Sharbat Gulla came to the fore in 1984. Gulla was photographed as an Afghan refugee by photographer Steve McCurry, after which the photo was placed on the cover page of National Geographic. In 2002, McCurry saw the girl again.

After 2002, the girl reappeared in Pakistan in 2014, when she was accused by the authorities of forging identity cards. After this allegation, Sharbat Gulla suddenly disappeared and was never seen again. Now that the Taliban has captured Afghanistan, the exodus has started. Sharbat Gulla also decided to leave the country and move to Italy.

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