'Inflation' double hit on common man, after petrol now vegetable prices put 'century'
'Inflation' double hit on common man, after petrol now vegetable prices put 'century'

New Delhi: Vegetable prices have once again reached the seventh sky in the capital city Delhi, India. In fact, vegetables have become very expensive in Delhi. The summer season has just been knocked out and the prices of green vegetables have spoiled the kitchen budget. Whether it is ladyfinger, pointed gourd, or bitter gourd, everything is scoring a century. As far as the price of onion is concerned, the prices of onion have gone down somewhat, but the prices of onion are still much higher than last year.

Day-by-day rising inflation has made the life of the common people miserable. Rising prices have also reduced the nutritious diet from people's plates. Rice and flour, pulses were expensive, and now green vegetables are also increasing the sufferings of the common man. Green vegetables are getting up to Rs 100 per kg in the market. In the retail market, luffa vegetable is selling at Rs 110 per kg while ladyfinger is also selling at Rs 100 per kg. Bitter gourd is also being sold at Rs 80 per kg. However, onion and potato prices are lower than these vegetables. While onions are being sold at Rs 20 per kg in the retail market, potatoes are also being sold at Rs 15-20 a kilo.

While green vegetables are expensive, retailers say that vegetables have become costlier in the wholesale market as soon as the summer comes, new vegetable arrivals in the market have become costlier. As sellers say, the prices of almost all green vegetables have gone up to Rs 90-100 per kilo. Luffa's prices had reached Rs 90-100 per kilo in the past.

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