Groom dies an hour before his D-day

Aug 09 2020 11:46 AM
Groom dies an hour before his D-day

In a recent case, the death of the son who decked up as groom for his wedding and was supposed to be sitting on the wedding pedestal at the auspicious time is causing a sensation. Deaths and cries were heard in the wedding tent where the guests were to be greeted. While the wedding was at 11:27 pm on Saturday night, the groom of the bride died at 10 pm. Tragedy struck both families when the groom died.

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This accident happened in Mahbubnagar district vivaralivi amanagal, from the village bairaboyina Mallaiah, the son of Mallamma Naresh (25). He was married to a girl from Nellikuduru Mandal Brahmanakottapalli village. The Muhurta was scheduled for Saturday night the 8th at 11:27 p.m.

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After the accident, the groom Naresh was not in good health and his parents showed him to the local RMP doctor and brought him home. The groom, who was resting at home, died in that sleep. He got a lot of injuries after the accident as the truck hit in such a manner that it lead to his death. When the doctor again examined, he was already dead and his parents lost all hope. The condition of the bride's family also not very good as she was in tears as soon as she knew that her groom was no more. 

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