Hyderabad: Healthcare workers get victims to Cybercrime

Aug 09 2020 10:45 AM
Hyderabad: Healthcare workers get victims to Cybercrime

Even while exploiting the fear of Covid-19 among the public, fraudsters have now begun training their guns on health professionals including doctors, nurses and other emergency staff as well. The situation, which has resulted in health professionals losing lakhs of rupees from their accounts, it has been prompted by Cyberabad Police Commissioner VC Sajjanar to ask people to have a separate phone number for bank accounts and cash transactions.

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According to officials, ever since the lockdown began, there has been an increase in complaints lodged with the Cyberabad Cybercrime police station related to ‘Know Your Customer’ frauds, with the victims being mostly doctors and healthcare professionals. “As doctors and health personnel are busy in treating Covid-19 patients, these cyber fraudsters are exploiting the pressure on them to make them share their bank and card details. The victims, who are unaware of the trap, end up losing their money,” Sajjanar said, adding that most of these cyber fraudsters were found to be based in Jamtara district of Jharkhand.

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Officials said the fraudsters were instructing victims to download different remote access applications like Team Viewer – Quick Support App, Any Desk App and Inkwire App among others onto their phones so that they could fraudulently access their mobile phones and withdraw money from their bank accounts.

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