Gucci-Adidas umbrella being sold for Rs 1 lakh, but does not save from rain

Known as a luxury brand, Gucci and SportsWear Adidas are in the news these days because of one of their umbrellas. In fact, when these brands are being talked about, clothes, and shoes come to mind, but today we are talking about umbrellas. In fact, Gucci and Adidas have made an umbrella, which is worth Rs 1 lakh. The mouth was open, but it's true. Even after having such an expensive umbrella, it does not even stop the rain. Now you will say what use is the umbrella? In such a situation, the question now is that if the umbrella of one lakh rupees cannot be avoided even from the rain, then what is there in this umbrella that is worth one lakh rupees. That's what we tell you.

In fact, an umbrella made by Gucci and Adidas is sold in China, which costs 11100 yuan, i.e. about Rs 1 lakh. And the special thing about this umbrella is that it does not stop the rain. At the moment, there is only this discussion on the whole social media. But after deducting one lakh rupees, it is of no use. The Gucci brand is selling this umbrella on its official website and according to Gucci's website, its price is 1290 dollars and according to Hindustani rupees, it is one lakh rupees.

What is special in the umbrella - In fact, this umbrella is not made to stop the rain. In fact, it is not a rain umbrella, but a sun umbrella. The special thing about this umbrella is the interlocking and trefoil print. This design of the umbrella is considered special. Not only this, but the curved breach wood handle is also very special in it and it is made in G shape. This umbrella made in Italy is now in discussion because of its price and design. It is used for sun protection and it is for decorative use. This is the joint collection of Gucci and Adidas which is being promoted online before the sale. Soon it is going to come for sale in the market and there is an option to register for it on Gucci's website.

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