The girl was about to eat a burger, then the frog came out of it and then..."
The girl was about to eat a burger, then the frog came out of it and then...

New Delhi: What if you go out to eat at a well-known restaurant, order your favorite food, and in the middle of your meal, a nasty nasty thing pops up in front of you? Obviously you will get angry. One such incident has come out from South Africa. According to media reports, an angry father here has claimed that he has found a dead frog in his daughter's burger. The father had gone to eat at a famous restaurant located in the town of Sikunda in Mpumalanga province of South Africa, when he saw this disgusting thing in the food.

Father Bezuidenhout said that he ordered a chicken burger for his daughter and found a dead frog after a small bite. He said that the incident was like a movie. He referred to the burger as McFroggie. The horrified father shared on social media a photo of an purportedly spoiled burger. Along with this, he wrote a message that thank you to the restaurant for not responding to the food bought for my daughter. He further wrote that I always thought that such things happen only in films, but now it has happened to us tonight.

More than 1 thousand comments were received on the post shared by him and many people also shared it. The restaurant's spokesperson's reaction has come to the fore after the father's post went viral on social media. He said that they are taking the matter seriously and will also get the store investigated.

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