'Two rickshaw pullers raped me' the young woman wrote in the diary

Ahmedabad: Incidents of rape have been continuously coming to light in Gujarat since Diwali, one such case has come to light in Valsad. Cleaners were cleaning the train compartment on Diwali when they found the body of a 19-year-old girl hanging from the upper berth of the train. Police had also found a mobile phone from him when police searched the mobile and found that the girl was a resident of Navsari in Gujarat.

Gujarat Railway Police recovered a diary during the investigation. In which the girl wrote that two days before the suicide, she was going to the place where she lives on rent in Vadodara at night. Meanwhile, she was kidnapped by two rickshaw pullers. He then took her to the vaccine ground in Vadodara and raped her. After which, a busman helped her and he drop her at the house. Two days later, the young woman told the family that she was going to Valsad to meet someone. However, she did not inform the family about the rape. After which her body was found hanging in the compartment in the morning from the Gujarat queen train. This train becomes empty at Valsad station, after which it stops in the yard.

When the staff came in the morning to clean this train, they found the body. Police are currently searching for the bus driver who assisted the girl. Police are also looking for the rickshaw pullers mentioned by the young woman in her diary.

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