Ruckus over death of girl in Agra, police also ran in fear

Agra: Two shops were also targeted in the Shahganj market following the uproar over the death of a girl in Chilli Pada street of the Shahganj area of Agra on Saturday night. It was vandalised. This created fear all over the market. Within a few minutes, the shutters of the shops collapsed. The market did not open even when the police arrived. There was panic for an hour. Thereafter, when the force arrived, the traders opened some shops.

The same Chilli Pada is attached to Shahganj Market. There was a commotion inside the street. Then, the youth came out. They targeted some shops. Asif Baig's nephew Aman was sitting in his readymade clothing shop. Aman told the police that some youths came. Slapped as soon as they arrived. Then, they started sabotage. The luggage was removed and thrown away. 16,000 rupees kept in the locker were also looted.

The same other shop belongs to Haji Pappu. He too was targeted. Was vandalised. Traders said they had nothing to do with the girl's death. Yet their shop was targeted. What was their fault? People in the locality said Faeem is a car mechanic while his father drives a loading auto. The family has been living in a rented house for 5 years. No one was aware of the death of Faeem's wife. It was also not known that the two had a love marriage. The death was recognised when the police arrived. The same shops which were ransacked. The incident was captured on a CCTV camera. The footage went viral in no time. The police also came to know about it. Police are identifying the culprits based on CCTV footage.

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