Gujarat High court reserved its decision on liquor sales in Gujarat

Ahmedabad: The High Court has reserved its verdict on petitions challenging the ban on manufacture, sale and consumption of liquor in Gujarat. During the hearing of the case, a petitioner has said that such a law is irrational, arbitrary, unprovoked and discriminatory. Not only that, It said that it is, in a way, a violation of privacy and the State Government cannot tell what we should eat and what liquid we want.

Verdict told the court that there is an underground network in the state even after the ban which is ensuring supply of liquor in the state. The petition filed by Rajiv Patel and two others said that when it comes to right to life, personal freedom and privacy, it is mentioned in Article 21 of the Constitution. Under this, every citizen has the right to how he wants to live his life. In this regard, the Government cannot tell what it should eat and what it should drink.

In response, advocate Kamal Trivedi, appearing for the government, said that no court has the power to review the validity of a law which has also been upheld by the Supreme Court. State that the Prohibition of Prohibition Act came into force in Gujarat from 1949 and was also challenged in the Supreme court in 1951. However, the Supreme Court had decided to keep it intact. Trivedi said it is not proper to argue for privacy in the matter.

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