Gujarat police arrested a man smuggling 125 liquor bottles on scooter

Oct 13 2020 03:20 PM
Gujarat police arrested a man smuggling 125 liquor bottles on scooter

Ahmedabad: An astounding case of liquor smuggling has come to light in the state of Gujarat.  Here a man was carrying 125 bottles of foreign liquor in his scooter. When the police were suspicious of the person's activity, the police stopped him on the Gujarat-Rajasthan border. The police were stunned when the liquor bottles were removed during the search. The man hid the liquor bottles in his pants.

The liquor smuggler admitted to the police that due to the growing demand, he put the liquor bottles in the scooter where the place was found. In the case, an FIR has been lodged at Pathvada police station in Banaskantha district. The alleged smuggler has been identified as 35-year-old Bharat Jadhav, a resident of Sabarmati. Jadhav has been made to rest with 125 liquor bottles of 175 ML. The price is estimated at Rs. 46,000 thousand.

The accused was arrested at Gundi Village check post on the border. The fat weight of alcohol has come to 93 litres. The weight of the bottles has been added separately. Police have informed that Jadhav had placed some bottles in the notch area of the scooter. Some bottles were filled in a bag and  while the rest of the bottles were kept hidden in the glovebox.

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