5 boys gang-raped 5th class student in Jharkhand

Oct 13 2020 11:39 AM
5 boys gang-raped 5th class student in Jharkhand

Ranchi: Five boys gang-raped a 5th-grade girl in Gumla district of Jharkhand overnight. The accused had kidnapped the girl from home. The case is of late Saturday night. An attempt was made to quell the case on Sunday. The incident is reported to have been disclosed when the victim's parents attacked the two accused in a deadly manner.

The parents of the victim tried to cut the hands and feet of both the accused. The incident was disclosed when both the injured accused were admitted to the hospital. At present, the five accused have been taken into custody by the police. According to villagers, a panchayat was called in the village over the incident in which the accused pressured the aggrieved family not to lodge a case. The girl was also threatened to kill and burn her house in the fire. In connection with the incident, SDPO Kuldeep Kumar of Chaanpur will hold press talks on Tuesday afternoon.

Both the victim and the accused are being described by different communities. There is an atmosphere of tension between the two communities after the incident was disclosed. Police are continuously camping in the victim's village to help the seriousness of the case. Police say the situation is completely under control. According to the relatives, the incident was reported to the victim's parents, and they grabbed the two accused and stormed up. The two accused were stabbed on the hands and feet with a sharp weapon, injuring both and had to be hospitalized.

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