Online gaming is an addiction, another life in Pubg intoxication

Oct 12 2020 11:02 PM
Online gaming is an addiction, another life in Pubg intoxication

Tirupati: 'Pubg' is getting mad at youth. She is playing with their lives. Even the life is inspired to take the life. Many parents are getting swept away. The government has banned it but still has a crazy. Adults need to take care of the children not to go to this game. A young man living in the local Nawabpeta was addicted to the pub. Three months ago, the parents ordered them to go to work because it was difficult to do the lockdown. The young man took the life of the gate of the house that he would have to go away from the game.

Pokemon the other day Yesterday Bluewhale .. Pubg (Player Unknows Battleground) is a dangerous online mobile game that is crazy with young people, especially school children. They are playing this game for hours. Although the government has banned this game, many are playing through various servers.

What game...?
PubG.. An online multiplayer gaming app brought by a video gaming company of South Korea. It needs to be downloaded and entered into the game. This game will have a maximum of 100 people. All except the team that the players have formed are counted under the enemy. This game is a battlefield. This game is to kill all the competitors. If the player dies, the game is not over.

These include guns used in war, bombs, bunkers to hide from enemies, medical kit for treatment if injured.  That's why you want to return to the game every time you die in this game with the wish to win anyway. Around 200 million people are expected to play pubs around the world. Doctors reveal that those who are accustomed to this are completely backward in studies and suffer from insomnia and eye problems.

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