In suspicion, the husband crossed the limits of humanity, the wife's private part put the nail on the lock
In suspicion, the husband crossed the limits of humanity, the wife's private part put the nail on the lock

In Maharashtra, the madness of an eccentric husband increased so much that everyone was shocked to hear his misdeeds. In Pimpri-Chinchwad, the husband locked his wife's private parts due to suspicion of her. A young man from Nepal is accused of making a hole in the private parts of his 28-year-old wife and then locking it by hammering two nails into it. To lock it, he bought a brass lock and placed it on his wife's private part.

Not only this, because the husband had an affair with someone else, he first cut his wife's private parts with a blade and then put a lock on it. The young man is a resident of Nepal. Suspecting that she was having an affair with another person, the young man first beat his wife and then in his madness committed this shocking incident. The wife kept groaning in pain but it did not make any difference to the husband.

The blood soaked wife kept moaning: The wife used to argue with her crazy husband on every issue. The husband suspected that the woman was having a love affair with someone else. For this reason he used to beat his wife every day. On May 11, he crossed all limits of humanity. The husband's obsession increased to such an extent that he crossed all limits of cruelty. He hammered two iron nails into his wife's private parts and then put a brass lock there.

Meanwhile, the wife was drenched in blood and kept moaning, but the husband was not even affected by his actions. Fed up with the cruelty of her eccentric husband, the wife has filed a complaint against her husband at the police station. The police have filed a report under serious sections. Her family members took the blood-soaked woman to the hospital, where she is undergoing treatment. According to doctors, the woman suffered serious injuries, so she was admitted to the hospital.

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