Gumraah movie review: Two Aditya Roy Kapurs Playing A Game
Gumraah movie review: Two Aditya Roy Kapurs Playing A Game

Gumraah directed by Vardhan Ketkar and starring Aditya Roy Kapur, Mrunal Thakur, Ronit Roy, Vedika Pinto, Deepak Kalra, is released Today. 

Plot: A murder is committed on a rainy night, and police arrive at the crime site the next morning. During their investigation, the police find a photograph of the suspect. The police track him down the next day, only to find that he has a duplicate. This complicates the police investigation because there are two suspects for one murder. The plot that follows takes viewers through events before and after the night of the murder, while the investigation to uncover the true culprit is carried out.

The first half of the movie drags along at a slow pace. Arjun's complicated romance with Janhvi (Vedika Pinto) is presented to us, and we also get to see Ronnie's adventures as a con artist while hanging out with his friend Chaddi (Deepak Kalra). Everything seems to be going nowhere until the second half, when it suddenly picks up speed. There are many turns and twists. Arjun and Ronnie fight in a long fight scene during which plans and intentions are revealed.
Gumraah is a remake of the Tamil film Thadam, which was released in 2019. It stems back to 1970s potboilers, when stories about two persons sharing the same face were frequent. One would be slightly bad, the other somewhat good, and after many twists and turns, they'd stop fighting and band together against a common enemy. It's a tried-and-true formula that has typically produced positive outcomes. The secret is to include a suggestion of a new ingredient in the dish to encourage the audience to try it again. That's what the directors of Thadam did, and it's what director Vardhan Ketkar has tried to do.

Gumraah is a really entertaining film with elements of a commercial thriller. It's a film for people who grew up watching Bollywood movies. It's worth seeing in the theater.

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