Gurugram man smashed wife’s head with stone over an extramarital affair

Apr 09 2019 10:03 AM
Gurugram man smashed wife’s head with stone over an extramarital affair

On Monday, Police arrested a 22-year-old man from Aya Nagar in Delhi for allegedly killing his wife by smashing her head with a stone in the forest area near Nathupur, DLF Phase 3, after a heated argument between them over his suspicions that she was having an affair. Dharmendra, a resident of the Chhatarpur area, and Kajal, a native of Assam, had got married three months ago. "Dharmendra was living in the Nathupur area of Gurugram with Kajal. On Sunday, he took her to the Aravalli mountains area on the pretext of visiting his brother Satish," said Subhash Bokan, Public Relation Officer of the Gurugram Police.

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According to the police, Kumar, a resident of Akrauli in Uttar Pradesh, informed his brother after killing his wife. Later, his brother told his wife and she informed the nephew of the landlord who called the police. A PCR van reached the spot and rushed the woman to the Civil Hospital where she was declared brought dead.

The accused had heated arguments with her over a suspected extramarital affair. He killed her with stone and crushed her face to hide her identity, he said. The body of Kajal was found from the Aravalli mountains area, the police said. The incident took place on Saturday afternoon when the couple was on their way to Gurugram to meet Kumar’s elder brother, who lived in Nathupur slum area, said the police. The accused reached Aya Nagar on Monday and was on his way to his rented room when the police nabbed him.

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