Cameraman who saw every detail of Gyanvapi made a big disclosure
Cameraman who saw every detail of Gyanvapi made a big disclosure

Ganesh Sharma, who is doing photography for the court commission at the Gyanvapi campus in Kashi, recently interacted with a famous website. In this conversation, Ganesh Sharma said, "Wherever I was told by the Commission, I did photography everywhere. When we were walking around the campus, there was no atmosphere like religious sentiments. There it was forbidden to touch the Shivling, pay obeisance and speak Har-Har Mahadev. Apart from this, Sharma also said, "Where a black stone has been found in the premises and which is being claimed to be a Shivling, it is like a Shivling installed in the Kashi temple." 

Apart from this, he said, "What people are calling Shivalinga, a black shining stone and a mountain shape. What is being shown in the media is like a Shivling and looks like the one from the bottom to the top. Prima facie, it looks like it will be as low as it is above. But it's mountain size. As above, it becomes quite wide at the bottom, and the mountain becomes shape. He further said- "When the court commission measured his diameter, he came out to be 12 feet. It's a black shining stone. Has been submerged in water for quite some time, but there is no difference in its brightness. Just like the shiny black stone in the Kashi Vishwanath temple, it looks exactly like that. JE, who was there, did his full measurement. This stone was not kept anywhere, but it has accumulated there. Even the elephant can't move it. He further said, "Knowledgeable people will tell it what it is, but what I saw. The figure I saw. He was 6 inches in the water. When something is submerged in water, how will it throw a fountain? Only the upper part is visible, and from that, the assumption looks like it will be as it is above; it will be the same as it is below, but it is not so. A court commissioner told the people present at the spot that if this is a fountain, then turn it on and show it. But those people said it couldn't be turned on.''

"Now it is being demanded that the walls below the complex should also be opened to see if this Shivling goes down, but behind me, I saw one thing - a stone frame. It will be about one and a half feet. I think he must have once been the offerings of the Shivlinga. If we look at the Shivling of Tilbhandeshwar Mahadev of Banaras, it is 15 feet above the ground, and something could happen that is of this kind under the Shivalinga which is above. When this structure was found, it was measured how far it was from Nandi and how much longer it has from what is being called the sanctum Sanctorum below the mosque. When both of them were measured, this black stone was found right next to Nandi's nose and also in the right line of the nose from the sanctum Sanctorum. There is no evidence that there is any supply of water in the fountain or anywhere in that structure. The demand is to open the walls below to see how much depth it has. At the same time, the viral video that is there must have been taken during the cleaning ever in the past.''

He also said, "I would like to mention one more thing, which is special and has not appeared in the media. It is to see the stone under the main dome. Hindu artefacts are visible from three sides in this stone. Having such a large Hindu stone under the main dome is a big thing. In the other two domes, we did not see much. It was absolutely flat, but under the main dome, there appeared to be artwork made from three sides on the Hindu stone. Pictures of the western wall are in front of everyone. The western wall is being called the wall of demolition; a mantra of 4 lines is found written in it about 30 feet above. There is a Sanskrit-like verse that will be known when it is read from the big screen. It is found on the western wall in about 25 to 30 seats. The old picture that you are looking at has the picture of the hour in it. On the right side of it is this verse.''

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