Everyday Habits that are making you look older

Aug 05 2019 11:28 AM
Everyday Habits that are making you look older

Lifestyle has undergone a series of changes in today's time that have a bearing on your body and also on your face. Some such habits make you old prematurely that is not right for you.  Some people resort to expensive makeup products and some use anti-aging creams to make some useful home remedies to look young. You can avoid it except for a few habits.

Low sleep i.e. insomnia
Due to workload and stress, people are often complaining of sleeplessness. Many people wake up late at night even when they play games or watch videos on mobile. But if we don't sleep properly, it affects our eyes. Inflammation and blackness around the eyes remain.

You must have read this line 'Smoking is Injurious to Health'. But still, some people can't give up on it. It not only affects health but also causes the skin to wrinkle slowly. It also reduces the amount of vitamin C in the body and makes us look old before we age.

If we think that there are many working properties at a time then it is wrong. You will be surprised to know that it has a very negative effect on your body. Raymond Kaskiri, head of medical staff at St. Rosef Hospital in California, says that people think multitasking is good quality, but in reality, it adds the stress and makes humans look old.

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