Choose haircut according to face, will look more stylish

Sep 13 2019 08:48 PM
Choose haircut according to face, will look more stylish

Today's youth also choose their hair according to fashion. Not only girls, but boys also take special care of their hair nowadays. In such a situation, boys also try hard to improve their hairstyle and look. Let me tell you, always choose the hair cut according to the shape of your face which will be right for you.

In winter, everyone takes haircuts, but during this time boys should take care of some special things while taking haircuts. It is very important to keep in mind the shape of the face while choosing the hairstyle. Today we are going to tell you how to choose a hair cut.

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* Oval face: Oval-shaped face is the ideal face for any man or woman. All kinds of hairstyles suit on it. Men whose face is oval shape, they can have any type of hairstyle. Just avoid the full-length fringe, as it gives the face a rounded look. By the way, you are free to create any style of your choice.

* Long face: Boys with long faces should get their front haircut as flat, uneven, so their hairs remain in the zig-zag shape on the forehead and the face starts to look small. Apart from this, if you use a sporty sweater in the cold, you can also get a funky hair cut which gives a different mood to your personality and makes the face look round.

* Longneck: If your neck is long, long hair can be kept to avoid winter. Also, if you want style, a pen can also be kept. This will also reduce the length of your neck and style.

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* Triangular face: Choosing the hairstyle on such a face shape is quite a difficult task. For such a face, I suggest a long hairstyle with a lot of layers, which makes the face look charmed. A slight fringe can also improve the face texture.

* Short neck: If the neck is short, then forget that there are winters because having long hair on the backside will reduce the length of the neck even more. Such interest should keep the hair short and army cut and cap cut are great options for them.

* Heavy face: It is better to have spiky hair cut if you have a heavy or round face. This is 'Jazzy B' style, in which the hair is straightened upwards, this style suits with coats and jackets in winter.

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