Know the fast story of Hal Chhath
Know the fast story of Hal Chhath

The festival of Hal Chhath celebrated every year is going to be celebrated on 9 August this year. Today we are going to tell you the fast story of this day. The birthday of Krishna's elder brother Balram is celebrated as Hal Chhath. 

Vrat Katha - A lady was pregnant. Her delivery was near, she started selling the milk and curd left at her place. On reaching some distance, she suffered labour pain and gave birth to a baby. That day was Hal Shashthi. After resting for a while, she left the child there and went to sell milk and curd. Describing mixed milk of cow and buffalo as buffalo milk, she cheated on the villagers.

Due to this sin, her child lying under the tree met with an accident and got hurt by the plough. The unhappy farmer put the stitches in the child's clenched stomach and went away. When the woman returned, she remembered her sin by seeing her child's condition. She immediately atoned her sin and roamed the village and told everyone about her mistake and the punishment she received for it. When she told the truth, all the women forgive her and bless her. Thus, when woman came back to the farm, she saw that her dead son was playing. For this reason, the fast of Hal Shashthi is of great importance.

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