7 precious words of Shri Krishna will transform your life
7 precious words of Shri Krishna will transform your life

Shri Krishna is worshipped by a huge population around the world. The world was crazy to the tune of his flute. If human beings take away their said words in today's life, then human can live a better life. Know 7 precious thoughts said by Shri Krishna.

7 precious thoughts of Shri Krishna…

- Lord Shri Krishna has said that just as the calf reaches the cow, the person seeks the fruit of karma.

- A wonderful thing has also been heard in the Gita from the mouth of Lord Shri Krishna. In which it is told that this human body is to be destroyed one day, while this soul will always be there. It is neither born nor end.

- Shri Krishna has also said that despite being God, I do not give the fruits of his deeds to any human nor do I write the fate of anyone.

- Lord Shri Krishna further says that by human actions you have created your own destiny. That is, we should not sit for luck to shine.

- Just as we discard old clothes and wear new clothes, in the same way, the soul also abandons one body and adopts another body.

- Shri Krishna says on losing anything, why do you worry in vain. Name, work, birth, everything you have got from another. That is, we came into this world empty-handed and have to go empty-handed.

- Whatever happened in life, whatever is going on and whatever is going to happen, Shri Krishna says that whatever happened, what will happen and what is happening is for the good of all.

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