China's problem may increase due to risk of epidemic
China's problem may increase due to risk of epidemic

Beijing: Corona infection, which has been growing rapidly for the past several days, has become a disaster for people today. Every day millions of people are getting infected due to this virus. Everyday thousands of deaths are being caused by this virus. Not only this, even after the untiring efforts of the government, so far no solution to fight this disease has been discovered. Even further, it cannot be said how long one can get rid of this virus. New cases of corona in China continue to appear. There are both symptomatic and non-symptomatic cases. According to the latest information, 39 new cases of corona were reported on Sunday while 30 cases were detected on Saturday. China's National Health Commission (NHC) said on Monday that 78 non-symptomatic corona cases have been detected in the country on Sunday. Whereas 47 similar cases were found a day earlier. Despite the strict steps taken to prevent corona, cases coming from outside and without symptoms have raised China's concern.

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Risk of epidemic withdrawal: In cases without symptoms patients may not have much trouble but they are able to infect others. NHC spokesman Mei Feng told a press conference that China must be vigilant and prevent the withdrawal of this epidemic. In China, in recent times, 705 unidentified cases are being monitored. Half of these cases are from the most affected Hubei province of Corona. The concern of the government has increased due to the presence of cases without symptoms for the last one week. For the last two months, the people of Hubei, who have been living in the lockdown, are going to be allowed to go out of the city from April 8. However, the province relaxed some travel rules last month.

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International borders are closed: According to China's news agency, 45 residential complexes have been removed from the 'epidemic-free' category due to unidentified corona infected found in various areas. People living in epidemic-free campuses are allowed to leave the house for two hours a day. So far in China, 81,708 people have been infected with the disease while 3331 people have died. China has closed its international borders due to Corona infection. From April 1, every person coming from abroad is being investigated.

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