Hang me if I killed YS Vivekananda Reddy: Sudhakar Reddy

Mar 16 2019 12:27 PM
Hang me if I killed YS Vivekananda Reddy: Sudhakar Reddy

Sudhakar Reddy has come in front of the media to clarify on YS Viveka family’s suspicion that Sudhakar Reddy could have killed YS Viveka. He claimed innocence and said he has no role to play. Sudhakar Reddy appealed not to drag him into the homicide of Viveka. Sudhakar Reddy asserted for the last 12 years had been imprisoned for no reason. He claimed he had no role even in YS Raja Reddy's homicide however he said he was wrongly imprisoned as he was a TDP supporter.

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Sudhakar Reddy said, he walked out of jail on July 10, and currently doing cultivating in his 9 acres agricultural land.  He said he is buried in the obligations and his family is already in the poor state. He said he was at his home when Viveka was killed. He said he doesn't even know Viveka's residence as well.

Sudhakar Reddy said that his sibling, relatives call him on the phone that his name is being hauled into YS Viveka's homicide. Sudhakar Reddy said he was working in his ranch when he had got the call from his brother. Later on, he went to a local police station and informed them that he is innocent and his name is being hauled. Sudhakar Reddy appealed to media and politicians to leave him. He said he wants to live peacefully. An emotional Sudhakar Reddy said, "Hang me if I killed YS Vivekananda Reddy. Hang me on the off chance that I did any wrong." 

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