Hansal Mehta slammed ‘Anti-Bollywood Trends’, “This madness, our fear is..”
Hansal Mehta slammed ‘Anti-Bollywood Trends’, “This madness, our fear is..”

 Hansal Mehta is one of the renowned filmmakers in Bollywood. He frequently shares his opinions on different issues. The filmmaker is very vocal on different issues.  He is recently opened up on Anti Bollywood trends and social media backlash against Bollywood.

The Filmmaker speaking about the Anti-Bollywood Trends, “It is disturbing to say the least. The kind of stuff that is written on social media, some of it even surreptitiously and otherwise, with the endorsement of some of our own colleagues. It is disturbing but I do also feel that a lot of it is also social media, very manufactured. What is happening in this diversion, this madness, our fear is getting the better of us in being able to tell our stories the way we want to, in making the films the way we want to. It is a transitory phase; we will emerge out of it. It is a resilient industry."

He further added, “What is important is to not lose focus of our main job: That is to tell stories, whatever the counterpoint. Whether your film is out-and-out propaganda, or it is completely counter to the propaganda that is being fed to us. I feel in the quest to serve a certain agenda, we have forgotten that we are actually making films for audiences." 

Hansal Mehta is currently smashing the success in Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story (2020), believes that the biggest upside of success is telling stories with abandon, without falling prey to compromises. Speaking about the web series he said, "What has obviously changed for me is that I make some money," he quips. "Besides that, I will always do what I do best - tell stories fearlessly. Success has emboldened me to continue being fearless."

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