Mukesh Rishi came to become a villain in films, people know by the name Bulla
Mukesh Rishi came to become a villain in films, people know by the name Bulla

Today is the birthday of Mukesh Rishi, known as the most dangerous villain of Indian cinema. Mukesh Rishi worked in many of the best films in his career and was known as a dangerous villain. Mukesh Rishi was born on April 19, 1956, in the Kathua district of Jammu. By the way, he also had a family business, but he added his colour to the films. His early education was completed by Mukesh Rishi in Jammu and his passion was in cricket because he played the game very well.

During his college days, his interest in the film world started growing and the biggest reason for this was his height and personality, which everyone used to tell him to work in films. After completing his college studies, Mukesh Rishi came to Mumbai and started sharing the hand of his father and elder brother in the family business, however, even after doing this work for some time, his mind did not get involved in this work and then he came to the film world. First of all, he worked in the ad for companies of Thamjap and Chyawanprash and in the meantime Sanjay Khan was working on his TV show The Sword of Tipu Sultan in which he gave Mukesh Rishi, who was wandering in search of work, to play the character of Mir Sadiq.

After this show, Mukesh Rishi appeared in films like Ghayal and Attack and from this, his career was further enhanced. He worked as director Priyadarshan's 1993 film Gardish which was excellent. In films, Mukesh Rishi wanted to make his career as a villain from the very beginning and he was successful. By the way, Mukesh Rishi has also worked in Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bhojpuri and Punjabi films besides Bollywood films where three to four of his films were released every year. Among the most memorable dialogues of Mukesh Rishi, who has worked in more than 100 films, the dialogue with Bulla is famous.

In fact, after playing the role of Bulla in the 1998 film Gunda, he had spoken a dialogue, which was 'Mera Naam Hai Bulla Mein Rakhna Hoon Khula', due to this dialogue, he became very famous. He is currently less active in films.

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