This actor loved Neelam very much, but had to marry someone else due to her mother

Nov 09 2019 04:00 AM
This actor loved Neelam very much, but had to marry someone else due to her mother

Today is the birthday of Neelam Kothari. She is a very famous actress but now she does not appear in the industry. There was a time when Neelam's pair was very much liked with Govinda and both wanted to be single but both never got together. Neelam and Govinda also worked in many films together and people loved both of them. At the same time, in Iljam, released in 1986, both of them worked well, but their film could not do good at the box office.

After this film, the friendship between the two co-stars turned into love and Govinda and Neelam became very serious about their relationship. Let us tell you that there was a time when Govinda wanted to make Neelam his life partner too, but something happened that the two separated. This was revealed by Govinda in an interview. He told, "Why did he marry Sunita instead of Neelam." Yes, Govinda said during that time, "I remember my first meeting with Neelam was at Pannalal Mehra's office. She spoke to me and I was hesitant to talk to her due to my weak English. I was also afraid of how I would talk to her on the set. I wanted to know more and more about Neelam. ''

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He further said- "I could not believe that she could be so kind even after earning name and fame. I used to talk about Neelam at home too. Even after a relationship with Sunita, I used to ask her to be like Neelam. I used to say to Sunita that you should learn from Neelam. Sunita used to get upset due to this. One day Sunita said something to Neelam that I became so much aggressive that I had broken my engagement with Sunita. My father also wanted me to marry Neelam as he loved her very much. But my mother believed that I had given my word to Sunita, which she should fulfill". For this reason, Govinda could not marry Neelam and he had to marry Sunita.

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