Happy Chocolate Day 2020 Status, Chocolate Day Wishes , Messages And Quotes
Happy Chocolate Day 2020 Status, Chocolate Day Wishes , Messages And Quotes

1- Happy Chocolate Day

2- My dear,

You are so soft like dairy milk,

You are so silky like Cadbury milk,

You are so lovely like my sweet heart.

Happy Chocolate Day!

3- Chocolate is not cheating!

After a salty meal,

you need a little bit of sweet.

This is living, not cheating.

Happy Chocolate Day

4- ‘Love is like a chewing gum,

It tastes only in the beginning!

But friendship is like chocolate,

It tastes till it ends!’

Happy Chocolate Day!

5- Lovely chocolate n Lovely u,

And Lovely are the things you do,

but the loveliest is the friendship of the two,

one is me and other is u! Happy Chocolate Day!

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6- It's Chocolate Day..

These are for you, with hugs kisses and love too!

7- As you are sweeter than the chocolates so I just love sharing them with you. Happy Chocolate Day!

8- Hot chocolate is like a hug from the inside.

9- You are like a chocolate, the longer you eat, the sweeter it gets. Happy Chocolate Day!

10- I wish that each day of your life remains sweet just like your favourite chocolate…Lots of love and happiness on Chocolate Day!

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11- The celebration of Chocolate Day is incomplete without chocolates, just like my life without your true love. Happy Chocolate Day!

12- Its Chocolate Day. And I am looking forward to get drenched in your sweet and passionate love. Happy Chocolate Day

13- Only chocolates have the power to match your sweetness…Sending best wishes on Chocolate Day to you my love!

14- You hold a special place in my life just like a chocolate

Creating magic all around with your love.

I love you immensely in the world.

Happy Chocolate Day

15-On this special day, I love to share

this chocolate with a person who transformed my life

and make me fall deeper in your love every day.

Happy Chocolate Day

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16- Just like chocolates are necessary for a healthy body, true love is essential for a happy life. Happy Chocolate Day!

17- I wish that your love always stay with me,

for me you are so precious

and your sweetness makes my life so chocolaty & full of happiness.

Happy Chocolate Day Dear!

18- Our bond is like a glass of hot chocolate,

It always keeps us warm and healthy for a long time.

I love you forever.

Happy Chocolate Day

19- My dear Love,

You are a Dairy Milk in my life

Adding sweetness & charm every day.

I love you forever.

Happy Chocolate Day!!!

20- My dear,

You are soft as a Dairy Milk,

You are silky as a Cadbury Silk,

You are surprising just like a Kinder Joy.

Happy Chocolate Day, sweetheart!

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