Harak Singh Rawat to rejoin Congress as BJP suffers major setback ahead of Uttarakhand polls

Dehradun: Harak Singh Rawat is expected to rejoin the Congress after the death of The Dalit leader Yashpal Arya. Within the next two days, he will be re-inducted into the party. Tell us about Harak Singh Rawat, a Uttarakhand stalwart who overthrew the Congress high command in 2016 and founded the BJP.

He has had full conversations with the Congress high command, according to sources. A number of other politicians are scheduled to join them in Congress. Harak Singh Rawat was first elected to the Pauri Legislative Assembly in 1991. At the time, Uttarakhand was a part of Uttar Pradesh and did not exist as a distinct state. According to sources, Rawat was at odds with the Uttarakhand BJP leadership. He was also dismissed from the Workers' Board lately. Harak Singh Rawat's career has seen numerous ups and downs. He was constantly connected with power after the year 2000. He was also the opposition leader in Uttarakhand. In 2002, he was forced to retire owing to a controversy.

Former Uttarakhand Chief Minister Harish Rawat, according to Congress sources, is not enthusiastic on bringing back the BJP-visited Congress leaders. Harak Singh Rawat was one of the politicians that defied Harish Rawat's government in 2016, and the case ended up in the Supreme Court. So Harish Rawat's animosity toward Harak Singh Rawat is personal, as opposed to Yashpal Arya's. The Congress's high command, on the other hand, wants to keep veteran leaders in the party.

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