In this village no one smokes; is seen as an ideal!

Jul 04 2019 06:46 PM
In this village no one smokes; is seen as an ideal!

Smoking has become a part of today's lifestyle. It can cause many disadvantages, but people still don't like smoking it. But today we're telling you about a village where not a single person consumes cigarettes, tobacco and pan masala. You can call this village a perfect village where no one has a bad habit. These villages are considered to be ideal for the world.

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The name of the village is Tikala which is located at the end of Haryana and is adjacent to Rajasthan. The village has been in the process of not consuming smoking for years now. The population of this village is about 1500 people. Even though these villages are small, not a single person consumes any tobacco products. Surprisingly, even if an outsider comes to the village, he is first searched and asked if he has any items like cigarettes, tobacco, etc., and only then he gets admission in the village.

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Simply if you go to this village, you also have to quit smoking. People are quite happy with this village. Now you may be wondering why smoking is not allowed in this village. In fact, the temple of Baba Bhagwandas and his Samadhi remain in the village.

Baba Bhagwandas used to boycott tobacco and all its products from the beginning. Baba has also performed many miracles, which have further increased his faith in the people. The village and other areas around it also stopped consuming tobacco while upholding this tradition.

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