Try these mehndi design on Hartalika Teej
Try these mehndi design on Hartalika Teej

The fast of Hartalika Teej is considered to be the biggest fast of married women. This fast is considered to be the most special. This time the fast of Teej is going to be kept on 21 August. Hartalika Teej fast is considered very important from religious point of view. It is said that women observe Nirjala fast on the day of Teej for the long life of their husband, and it is also believed that observing this fast increases fortunes.

On this day, married women does 'Solah Sringar', in which Mehndi is considered a very important place. Now, in such a situation, women do not understand which mehndi to apply, that is, which design should be made. Today we have brought some very nice and beautiful designs of mehndi. This is the latest design of mehndi.

Henna is also considered special because of the belief that the more the color of the henna, the more the husband loves it. Due to the application of mehndi, the beauty of the hands of women is improved because of this, today we are going to show you the latest designs of mehndi which will touch your heart and you will definitely get it made.

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