Have You Ever Heard about Sex Surrogate Therapy?

Oct 16 2018 08:41 AM
Have You Ever Heard about Sex Surrogate Therapy?

Now-a-days many types of therapies are being invented in the name of treatment, one of these is sex surrogacy therapy. Although these therapies are seen in the medical industry is fresh. Through this therapy, males are used to overcome bad experiences or sexual problems related to sex. This therapy is a different kind of therapy in itself, it has nothing to do with the prostitution. You might be thinking after reading all this that this is the new way of prostitution then you are wrong. This article is going to tell you about sex surrogates, it is also a disputed form of sex therapy. Read here about some of these things about which many people do not know about.

What is sex surrogacy?

This is the kind of therapy under which indviduals mainly males are typically counseled. This is for men who have a problem in the intimacy or they are suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Sex surrogates do not work in prostitution :

The most important thing is that sex surrogates do not work in brothels and they do not get any offline advertisements. They meet their clients with psychologists. Whenever a patient wants to solve the problem related to the intimacy, psychologists refer them to sex surrogates.

This happens in Session :

The beginning of the sex surrogate session includes a lot of things, after this some simple touch is also done in some cases. In some cases, the client is asked to masterbutt so that it can be understood as to where they are making a mistake. Physical relations are also made in the last stages of this therapy. Explaining this work, a sex worker explained that I was waiting for my client in a hotel room. The room lights were dim, the room was quite concrete. I did not have much information about the client, but knew very well that he had lived in a traumatic relationship with a woman and had problems with erectile dysfunction. I am resolving this problem with the help of intimate touch and intercourse.

Is this therapy legal?

It is believed that in many countries these sex therapies are opted like Israeli. While according to some reports, it is hidden in some countries such as Australia because it is seen as controversial form of sex therapy.

This therapy is for women also

Women do not need to be disappointed, as these services of therapy are available not only for men but also for women. While the male therapist treats women as a sexual problem, they are able to overcome them through therapies. There is little doubt when the service starts in India.

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