Having pimples take grandma's these home remedies
Having pimples take grandma's these home remedies

It is common for a person to become filthy in the face after running around a day. Due to the same filth, black spots on the face and coming to the pimples is also not a new disease. This is a problem that is most viewed in the summer season. Because the heat of the body and then from above it pollutes the skin.

There are many types of creams and medicines available in the market to remove these pimples, but it is quite expensive. These medicines and creams sometimes have a risk of side effects, and they fail to do so. Let us now tell you through this news that these pimples can be removed easily by using home remedies.

To get rid of acne, follow these methods:

Grinding of nutmeg in raw milk will affect the effect of acne on the acne.

Keep lime juice in the gram flour and keep it on the face for 20-25 minutes, then wash it with cold water. It does work out of acne. This recipe is the best recipe to fix acne on the oil skin.

By placing ice pieces wrapped in cotton cloth and putting them on the acne, the acne fixes quickly.

Make dry powder of orange peels and mix it with gram flour and apply it on face. By doing so, the acne will be affected very quickly and they will recover quickly.


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