HDFC bank claims Mohammad Rafi's house, know the whole matter here!

Oct 12 2019 04:38 PM
HDFC bank claims Mohammad Rafi's house, know the whole matter here!

Mumbai: 40 years after the passing of Mohammed Rafi, who made a special place in the hearts of people with his best singing, it has become difficult for his son to save his ancestral home. Rafi Mansion, located on Bandra's 28 Road, was built by Mohammad Rafi in the 1970s, for which his son Shahid Rafi has to fight a legal battle.

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HDFC Bank has filed a petition in the court seeking possession of Shahid's flat on the fifth floor of the building. The bungalow was built by Rafi, this building was demolished in 1980. The bank has claimed that Shahid had signed a deal to sell the flat from a company called Nimbus Industries Ltd. and the company had taken a loan of Rs 4.16 crore from the bank to buy the flat. When Nimbus could not return the money, the bank has claimed the property in court.

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Shahid has told that the price of the flat is about 5 crores. He has stated that he did not want to sell the property to Nimbus but only made a tentative agreement in November 2017 to repay a loan. He further said that the company did not give as much money as it was asked to pay, so the contract was not executed. He also claimed that if the agreement was not registered with the authorities, there is no reason to believe it.

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