'Raped for years, also aborted twice,' Businessman's live-in partner registers FIR
'Raped for years, also aborted twice,' Businessman's live-in partner registers FIR

Raigarh: A shocking incident is coming out from Raigarh, Chhattisgarh, where the story of a businessman's love and deception with a female badminton player has come to light. The businessman trapped the girl in his love. He lived with her and raped her for many years. During this, she became pregnant and also got aborted twice. Then, he married another girl. When the girl pressurized him, he said that you belong to a small caste. Now on the complaint of the girl, the Pusaur police station has registered a case. The criminal has been absconding since then. 

According to the news received, this story started due to the badminton tournament held in Raigad on January 24, 2009. A scheduled caste girl from the Jashpur district also came to play in the tournament. It was here that the girl's friendship with businessman Manoj Agarwal, a resident of Kalindikunj in Raigad started. The conversation between the two started and then slowly it turned into love. It is alleged that in the year 2012, Manoj called the girl to Pusaur to meet and took her to meet his family members to win her trust. Due to this, the criminal kept swearing to marry her. Both lived in live-in for years. During this, the criminal took the girl to Jaipur, Delhi, and Odisha. He also had physical relations there many times. The girl said in the complaint that she became pregnant in the year 2018. On this, the criminal got her aborted by saying that he would not be able to handle the responsibility. Even after this, he continued to sexually abuse her. Meanwhile, when the girl became pregnant for the second time, he got her aborted again.  

The woman told the police that the two were happy even after all this. Suddenly, on February 9, 2019, Manoj married another girl. When the girl came to know about this and questioned him, the culprit said that he had married under compulsion. The wife fights a lot, he will leave her. Along with the assurance, Manoj took the girl to Kanakathura Shiva Temple in Raigad on March 1, 2022, on Mahashivratri and filled vermilion on her forehead there. The criminal continued to rape her. However, now the female player started putting pressure. Due to this, the criminal refused saying that she belonged to a small caste. On October 12, 2022, when the criminal had a child, he also stopped paying rent for the house where he lived with the girl. After that, the girl told the whole thing to the elder sister of the criminal. On finding out, the criminal assaulted her in an intoxicated state. The girl reached the police station and lodged a case. Additional SP Sanjay Mahadeva said that an FIR has already been lodged in the case on November 1. A case has been registered under Sections 376, and 506, and the atrocity act. The girl is now 23 years old. The matter is being investigated. If the girl turns out to be a minor during the incident, the POCSO act will also be imposed. The culprit, Manoj, owns an auto showroom. The criminal is constantly changing his location, but the police team is also raiding other states outside Chhattisgarh.

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