Headache? These remedies may help you to get relief
Headache? These remedies may help you to get relief

As, many people suffers with a headache at one point or another. The pain of a headache can make day to day life miserable and forces us to head straight for the aspirin. When you take a pain killer all you’re doing is smothering your symptoms and ignoring the real issue of your headache.

Here are ways to fight a headache with these remedies.


Acupuncture is used to effectively treat primary headaches like migraines and tension, which are the most common. Specifically, acupuncture has been used to treat headaches for thousands of years. The greatest advantage of acupuncture over western medicine is that it does no harm.


Massage can help ease the pressure associated with migraines and tension-related headaches. By focusing on the neck, shoulders, and head, massage can decrease the pain and discomfort. Massage also increased serotonin levels and believed to play an important role in the regulation of mood, sleep and appetite.


Stretching for headaches are a great survival medicine tool. You can do them anywhere and with no equipment.


Aerobic exercises such as walking, cycling, swimming can reduce headaches.


Certain yoga poses are designed to gently stretch and open those areas, while circulating blood to your head. You can do one pose, a few, or follow the entire sequence

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