The problem of diabetes is increasing in children, know how to avoid
The problem of diabetes is increasing in children, know how to avoid

Along with the elders, diabetes is also taking hold of children. Diabetes in children is also called type 1. Bad eating and drinking habits are the main reason for this disease. By observing some of the symptoms in time, you can detect this disease and get the disease diagnosed. Let's know the main symptoms of diabetes in children.

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Overeating: carbohydrates can cause it to accumulate as fat in the body. Apart from this, sugar, chocolate and sweets etc. increase the weight on pancreatic gland. Because of which gradual exhaustion of insulin cells leads to diabetes.

A genetic child having diabetes is also a genetic cause. If someone in the parents has diabetes, the child may be born with this disease or may be at risk from 25 to 50 years of age.

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Viral infections Some viral infections can cause type 1 diabetes because they destroy insulin cells. Although it is not a common cause of diabetes.

The immune system produces antibiotics to fight against the persistent freezing cold. Because of this, most antibiotics end up eliminating the cold, reducing insulin and the risk of diabetes.

Physical deficiency Physical Activity of activity that might affect the cells that produce insulin. This can affect the blood sugar level, which causes the risk of diabetes.

It is very important to have enough sleep, otherwise, you may suffer with this disease

- Children usually fatigue,

Headache, more thirst,

- feeling more hungry,

- behavior modification,

- stomach ache,

- Unnecessary weight loss, especially frequent urination at night,

Symptoms of diabetes can be identified when itching around sexual organs.

These symptoms can be diagnosed by treating diabetes.

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