Incredible Benefits Of Basil Leaves You May Not Have Known

Aug 16 2019 08:08 PM
Incredible Benefits Of Basil Leaves You May Not Have Known

Basil, which is found in every India household. It also has health benefits. Tulsi is also known as Vishnupriya. Where Tulsi plants are in high volume, the air remains pure and pure. Tulsi leaf contains a special oil which purifies the disinfected air. In the morning, the body has many benefits if it is taken with tulsi juice and water. That's what we're going to talk about today.

- If a person who smells from his mouth, if he eats little tulsi leaves daily, his deodorant is removed.

Tulsi maintains the body's energy and the person holding the rosary of Tusli gets the liberation of many people.

- White basil intake is beneficial in eliminating skin, flesh and bone disease.

• Drinking Tulsi tea removes fever, laziness, lethargy and vata-gall disorders.

• Tulsi, pepper, and honey are a mixture of tulsi, pepper and honey to make tablets and take 1-1 gm in the morning, afternoon, evening and night.

In the morning, the tulsi juice and lemon juice are mixed together to remove the black spots on the face and eliminate the acne.

- When fainting, add salt to the Tulsi juice and remove the mustache by adding a bun in the nose.

- Tulsi enhances the function of the kidneys, regulates the cholesterol located in the blood.

- Tulsi tax intake is beneficial when there is heart disease.

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