Bay leaf is beneficial for diabetic patients, Know-how?

Jul 27 2020 05:24 PM
Bay leaf is beneficial for diabetic patients, Know-how?

Diabetes is such a disease, which can be called poison even at low levels. If you are struggling with this disease all over the world, then it is India. According to the International Diabetes Federation, the number of diabetes patients in the country till 2019 was 7.7 crore. Now, this number has increased even faster. Recently, a report came out that diabetic patients are becoming victims of corona infection and their risk of death has increased due to this. Although diabetes can not be completely eliminated, but it can definitely be controlled by trying medicines or home remedies. The use of bay leaves is also included in these home remedies. Diabetes does not only benefit diabetic patients but also has many other benefits.

Bay leaf is beneficial for type-2 diabetes patients
Use of this leaf is very beneficial for type-2 diabetes patients. This helps in maintaining the blood sugar star normal. It also benefits the heart. Therefore, people suffering from diabetes should use it.

Bay leaves make the digestive system strong
The use of bay leaves is very beneficial for digestive problems. It is helpful in relieving many stomach problems. Its use can provide relief from problems like constipation, torsion, and acidity. You can also use it in the morning with tea.

Bay leaf is very beneficial for good sleep
If you are struggling with the difficulty of falling asleep, drink a few drops of bay leaf oil in water before going to bed at night. You will get good sleep with this water.

Can remove the problem of eyes
Bay leaf is also known as Malabar leaf. Vitamins-A and Vitamin-C are available in it and Vitamin-A works to remove the problems related to eyes. Whereas Vitamin-C helps in maintaining the number of white blood cells in the body. White blood cells strengthen the immunity of the body.

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