Vastu Gyan: Follow these measure to get rid of financial crisis

Jul 27 2020 10:02 AM
Vastu Gyan: Follow these measure to get rid of financial crisis

According to Vastu, the reason for money problems is often present in our house, which we ignore. If you take care of some things then the Vastu defects present in your house are removed and are helpful in increasing wealth.

Put crystals in the bedroom windows. The light that comes inside the house after hitting these crystals brings a positive energy that keeps you healthy and energetic. You will be able to use your energy in the right direction and can get benefits. Put a mirror in such a way that its reflection is on the place of wealth and the vault. It is considered helpful in reducing expenditure. This increases accumulated wealth.

You can place water and grains in a vessel on the roof of the house or inside the boundary wall so that the birds get grains of water. According to Vastu science, birds bring positive energy, which eliminates money related obstacles and problems. If the income is getting interrupted repeatedly or you are not able to gain money due to hard work, then place heavy goods or any solid item in the left corner inside the boundary of your bedroom or house. Keep an aquarium in the house in which goldfish and blackfish are kept. It works to increase positive energy by removing negative energy. Apart from this, always keep the main door of the house clean and keep the colors painted on the walls around it.

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