Know tips of happy married life from Lord Ram and Goddess Sita

In today's time, many important things have to be kept in mind to run a married life, only then a married life has progressed well and smoothly. If there is mutual understanding, trust, love between husband and wife, then married life goes smoothly. Now today we are going to tell you about the qualities that should be shared between husband and wife through Ram and Sita mentioned in the religious text Ramayana. Let's know.

Abstinence - Abstinence means to control the mental stimulation that arises from time to time. A husband and wife should overcome anger, lust, greed, ego, mentally, or physically.

Contentment - In every way, both should be satisfied with each other like Shri Ram and Sita were. Practical difficulties arose between the two, but both did not leave each other. Stay in fewer things but the husband and wife should be satisfied.

Children - The child's ego is most important in making the relationship between husband and wife sweet and strong. Indeed, Luv and Kush played a key role in freeing Ram and Sita from exile.

Sensitivity - Husband and wife need to understand each other's feelings. If they do not understand each other then the life of both is not good. The wife should work by understanding the problem, situation, helplessness of the husband because it is important in making married life comfortable, simple, and harmonious.

Oath - As a husband and wife, one should be employed to maintain his religious relationship well.

Physical, financial, and mental strength - It is important to be strong physically, financially, and mentally. For a marriage to be successful and happy, both husband and wife have to be physically, financially, and mentally strong.

Dedication - In marriage, husband and wife should be fully devoted to each other because it is important.

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