Mira Rajput drinks ghee every day, know the benefits of this Ayurvedic therapy

You all must be aware that since childhood, grandmothers used to advise us a lot to eat ghee. Ghee is one of the most important and special food items found in every Indian kitchen. Eating ghee not only strengthens the bones, but it also makes the skin spotless and shiny. Till now many celebrities and nutritionists have also counted the benefits of ghee. Some time back Mira Rajput revealed that she drinks ghee for flawless and glowing skin.

In Ayurveda, it is called lubrication. Actually, it is a therapy that works to detox the body from the inside. Mira wrote on Instagram, "Ghee is closest to the composition of our body's lipids. It works to flush out toxins and nourishes the body's cells. You have to gradually increase the amount of ghee until it fills your body and comes out of your pores. Ghee contains many nutrients like vitamins A, D, calcium, phosphorus, minerals and potassium. In such a situation, Ayurveda recommends the consumption of ghee on an empty stomach for its best benefit.

What is Snehan?- Drinking lubrication or ghee is part of Ayurvedic detox therapy. In fact, it makes the body clean internally. It is a complete process of 7-8 days and ghee is consumed in an interval of a few minutes. It is usually advised to do it under the supervision of a doctor of Ayurveda. However, before starting lubrication, the body is prepared for the proper digestion of ghee.It means that we have to strengthen the fire (digestive fire) of the body and adopt a certain routine. Before doing this, it is strictly forbidden to consume cold drinks along with spicy food.


Benefits of drinking ghee:

- Externally, ghee is applied to deal with dryness

- Use ghee to treat irritation, rash and swelling.

- Ghee is often applied on the scalp to avoid infection

- Ghee is also applied to remove the roughness of the hair.

- Ghee is rich in anti-inflammatory properties that relax the body.

- Regular consumption of ghee reduces body weight.

- Ghee supports a healthy heart.

- Ghee is a healthy option for lactose products.

- It reduces unhealthy cholesterol.

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