This vegetable can control type 1, type 2 diabetes

In today's time, every second person has the problem of diabetes and the reason for its increase is considered to be wrong lifestyle, lack of physical activity, stress and wrong eating habits. Let us tell you that when there is diabetes, the blood sugar level in the body starts increasing. Although this disease cannot be eradicated from the root but it can be controlled. Yes, let us also tell you that there are 2 types of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. In type 1 diabetes, insulin is not produced by the pancreas at all, whereas in type 2 diabetes, insulin is produced in small amounts.

Let us tell you that diet has the most important role in reducing blood glucose. However, there are some foods that can reduce the risk of diabetes. Recently a research conducted by the University of Gejira was published in Environmental Health Insights and according to this research, eating one type of vegetable is the best way to reduce blood sugar level. In fact, researchers found that onion can be used as a dietary supplement in patients with diabetes. This can help control type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Apart from this, the researchers said, adding onions to the diet can help, but it does not mean that one should start eating onions in large quantities. Yes because it is not a magical thing. More research is still needed on this. Apart from this, another study found that even a muscle-building supplement can benefit people with type 2 diabetes. Let us tell you that in research, researchers from Newcastle University found that drinking a small amount of whey protein before meals can help in controlling diabetes.

Simultaneously, Newcastle University's Dr. Daniel West says that, this research was done on people with normal life rather than laboratory. We believe that whey protein works in two ways. The first is quickly removed from the digestive system and the second is that whey protein prevents blood sugar from rising. In addition Dr. West continued, 'As the number of diabetic patients around the world is increasing significantly.

In such a situation, it also becomes very important to check the food supplements. With this, researchers found that it is very easy to take whey protein. It can also be easily taken before meals. Yes, whey protein is often used in protein shakes, which athletes use in muscle recovery. Yes and it is the best selling health supplement in the world. It can be effective in diabetes, but take it along with a balanced diet.

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