Don't stop urine for long, it may cause harm

Aug 25 2019 06:28 PM
Don't stop urine for long, it may cause harm

Sometimes people hold urine for a long time because of work or otherwise, they don't know that it can cause them trouble. This is not good for health. Several studies have shown that if a person continues to stop urine, his body parts may be damaged, which can prove dangerous while taking a serious form. Here we're going to tell you how much trouble you might have to face if you hold urine for a long time.

Kidney damage
Stopping urine not only increases the pressure on the kidneys but also scars on it, which can lead to serious kidney diseases in the future. Some studies say that inhibiting urine can also be a cause of kidney stone.

Stopping the urine too long increases the pressure on the bladder which can cause pain. This pain can also reach the kidneys. In this situation, if a person thinks that he will get relief from pain after releasing the urine, it is not because it takes a long time to get the pain arising due to stopping the urine.

Damage to blader
Repeated urine inhibiting can increase the size of the bladder and stretch its mussel. This affects the ability to control urin. Not only that, in many situations, releasing urine also causes trouble for the blader. This problem can also take a serious form and may require surgery.

There is also a fear of urinary tract infection due to the prevention of urine. In fact, when the toilet is not gone, the bacteria may get a chance to grow, which can also reach inside the blader. This infection can cause many serious diseases as the infection progresses.

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