Health Impacts due to Flood and Assam

Floods are the most frequent type of natural disaster in both developed and developing countries, and occur when land that is usually dry submerges in water due to an overflow of water. Floods leave a devastating impact on people, with their homes being destroyed and the safety is just a matter of time. 

The flood in Assam is one of the worst-hit, with the death toll going over 230, and over 55 lakh people being affected by it. This needs attention from all over India. 

There are various impacts on health depending on population and type of flood, the immediate effects are drowning, and death due to injury is a major concern. The early effects of floods are risks of infections, and in areas of poor sanitation, it can be typhoid and diarrhoeal diseases. Whereas the late impacts of flood depend on the length till the flood water stands, the longer the flood waters stand, the likelier the occurrence of vector-borne infections like malaria and dengue fever, depending on the location.

The people of Assam need your help, they are forced to drink flood water as the government isn’t able to provide for all of the victims. Thousands have become homeless and many villages have submerged into water. 

The administration is making efforts to reach out to the worst affected parts with food and water, but many have reported that no relief has arrived. 

There are many donation links that can be accessed and donated directly from GooglePay. 

Emergency Toll-Free numbers are also issued by the government. State Emergency Operation Centre: 1070, 1079 and District Emergency Operation Centre: 1077

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