What’s to come after Covid?

The Covid Pandemic was a bombshell to the world, even more to the masses, but what has the world including those in the higher position and the commoners learned from it? 


We have all started to go back to our pre-covid lives, with a few adjustments, but normal life regardless, and going back to that, we shouldn't be forgetting what the world went through and lost, be it financially, or mentally, or losing a dear one. As history is learned so that the worse isn’t repeated.


The climate is at its worse, and so is the environment. The quality of living has decreased drastically due to the food we take, the water we drink, or the air we breathe. With millions of people facing hunger, poverty, or drought. It is worth thinking: when will my turn be? 


Investing in health insurance is our priority, but changing our thinking about the current lifestyle isn’t even a thought that appears in our minds. 


Health is indeed an investment, be it for the future or the present. Getting prepared for the future is important but living in the now too is. Health is an investment, and in order to not face ‘another Covid’, we need to measure for ourselves or for the world or brace ourselves for what’s to come.


Now is the time to take action. There are no shortcuts to a healthier world, the worse is approaching is looked at strategically. Climate change, Global Warming, and pollution are issues everyone needs to look into.

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